The Strand Capitol Theater's October shows

CEO Ken Wesler joins us to preview upcoming acts at the theater, like Los Lonley Boys and The Doobie Brothers.

We talk with U.S. Olympian Ryan Whiting

He's a U.S. Olympian and world champion shot put athlete. This morning we're joined with dauphin county native Ryan Whiting and his coach Glenn Thompson.

Isaac Mizrahi discusses his new clothing line

Anything can spark our creativity, even automobiles. Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi joins us  this morning to talk about what inspired him to release a car related clothing line.

We talk about tooth decay with dentist, Matthew Kingston

More than 16 million kids deal with dental decay in the U.S. So it's no surprise that a new study shows many are not brushing their teeth as much as they should! We're talking about it this morning with dentist Matthew Kingston from Healthy Smiles Dental in Lancaster.

Preparing your child mentally for school

Your child's social and emotional skills will have a huge impact on how they succeed in school. This morning we're talking with child expert  Lesli Rotenberg about how to prepare your children socially and emotionally before they start school.

Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres on her career, being a mom and looking great

U.S.  Olympic swimmer Dara Torres  joins us this morning to talk about how she juggles her career and being a mom, while still looking great.


Hannah Wigton from Susquehanna Style Magazine discusses superfooods

We're talking about superfoods this morning with Hannah Wigton from Susquehanna Style Magazine.