Eagles Press Conference 9-9-09 Before Opening Game With Panthers

Head Coach Andy Reid Press Conference

9-9-09 Opening Remarks

Injuries: Two people will be out of this game, [G/T] Todd Herremans and [LB] Joe Mays. Everybody else will be ready to go and will practice today and did practice this morning. We added [TE] Alex Smith to the tight end group there. We released [TE] Tony Curtis. Alex brings a veteran player that has good athletic ability, speed, has an understanding, a good feel for this offense and then he's also a good football player. I look forward to playing the Carolina Panthers. We've watched their film this year; we've watched some of their last year's film. They have the same coordinator offensively; they have a different defensive coordinator this year in [Panthers defensive coordinator] Ron Meeks. Ron was at the Colts for a number of years and we had an opportunity to play his defense there. We've been very busy looking at the film and we were able to get an extra day in and present it to the players on Monday. They were off yesterday, and they're back today and we'll continue to teach them the offense and defense and special teams of the Panthers. Time's yours."

On whether he is removing QB Michael Vick from the exempt list so he can practice today:

"He'll be out there but he will be exempt, he's still on that list. He can't practice. He can be out there watching, he just can't go through the practice there."

On how much practice he'd like to see Vick get before he is eligible to play in Week 3:

"We'll see, we'll see how it goes here this week and we'll see how things work out."

On why he kept seven wide receivers:

"We feel like we have some good players there, so that's why."

On whether Vick is on the exempt list begrudgingly or because of an unfortunate roster situation:

"Not necessarily. The thing he can do, the way the rule works is that he can work out with his coach after practice, so he just can't go through team activities during practice but at any time he can work with his coach and go over certain things."

On whether he thinks Vick only being able to view practice and work one-on-one with his coach is enough:

"Yeah, for the next few days that's a good thing."

On whether WR Reggie Brown's contract structure had anything to do with him not getting cut:

"I never get into contract things, that's not what I do. Reggie is a good football player."

On how much of a challenge S Macho Harris is facing as a starting rookie:

"We brought Macho here with the thought that he might be able to do that along with playing at that inside nickel position. Now, it's worked out where he's worked at the safety spot and worked out well and I think he's picking it up pretty well. We'll just see how he does in the games. I've obviously got confidence in him to put him in that spot."

On whether it is a realistic expectation that the offensive line will be able to hit the ground running Sunday:

"They're the going to hit the ground running, I just want to make sure that we're all running in the same direction. That will be the goal and I know they've worked here the last few weeks together to do that. I told you before, 'does it worry me that they haven't played in a game?' Yeah, well I would've liked to have them play in a game. But, at the same time, if there's a position that you can work fast, as close to game speed as you can get every day, it's the O and D-Line. They have had contact and they've had full contact but, it's obviously not a game but, it's as close as you can get. We'll just see how they do and I'm expecting good things."

On whether he has seen enough from T/G Shawn Andrews: