Selected Eagles Quotes from the Press Conference
QB Michael Vick

On how his quad feels today:

"It felt good today. Finally back to 100%. Ready to go out and play a good football game."

On what Packers DE Cullen Jenkins brings to the defensive line:

"They have a tremendous defensive front. They do a great job in getting pressure, pass rushing in critical situations, critical downs. It's certainly a plus for them, and [Jenkins is] somebody we have to account for."

On whether Jenkins brings something as a veteran that NT B.J. Raji doesn't:

"They're both good players, so I can't give you a brief distinction between the two, but I know that they both generate a good pass rush like I said, and do a good job in stopping the run."

On whether he takes anything from the Week 1 matchup with the Packers:

"There are some things you can watch film on and try to take away from that game, but it was Week 1, and this is Week 18. It's the playoffs. And I'm pretty sure they're going to come with a different scheme, and if they do the same things they did the first time around, then we're pretty familiar with those looks, but we're anticipating some different looks."

On how different the Packers are from Week 1:

"Personnel-wise they're pretty much the same. They're just playing at a high level. If you look back at the track record, they've done a great job in defending other teams, and really just do a great job overall."

On whether it feels like it has taken a while for this game to be played:

"No, not really. It's going to come. Sunday's going to come. As a player, you don't want to rush it. You want to take all the time getting prepared in your preparation. You really don't want to rush anything."

On whether the Eagles tend to play better in the spotlight:

"I think so. I think everybody knows what's at stake. You look at the fact of the matter, if you lose then you go home. I don't think we're ready to go home yet, so we're going to go out and give it everything we've got."

On the last playoff game he played in being at Lincoln Financial Field:

"Right. Yeah, that's ironic. The last playoff game I played was in this field and it was for the NFC championship, and it seems like so long ago. I'm just excited about the opportunity that I have now, to play in another playoff game. This is something I dreamed of the last three years, and finally I have the opportunity."

On Packers CB Charles Woodson:

"Charles—he's a great player. His track record speaks for itself, he's been playing for 13 years. [He's] still playing at a high level, which is sometimes surprising with the older, veteran guys. He continues to make plays, year in and year out, and I think the defense feeds off of him and his energy. So, he's definitely somebody we have to account for, and definitely one of the great ones who have played this game."