Options Other Than Traditional Braces

These days braces are pretty much a fact of life for many kids.  Most people think of them as having a mouth full of metal, but now a lot of braces are much less noticeable. 

Children usually need braces either to straighten crooked teeth or to fix a bad bite. This is an experience that can be quite nerve-wracking at first.  Some kids have concerns over appearance.  Dr. Teodora Bonney, owner of 'NBraces in York County specializes in these options.  From a clear mouthpiece that does all of the work, to braces that go behind your teeth.  "We offer Invisalign, which is a removable option. We also offer the Incognito Braces System that is comprised of gold braces that are individually made for the patient and are placed on the inside of the teeth," says Dr. Bonney.

And for kids who don't mind the traditional look, there is a faster option called "Speed braces," which don't require rubber bands or elastics. Bonney says, "They are very small, very comfortable, they reduce the number of appointments needed to achieve the results that we need."

Another concern children may have is the pain. "I would associate it to getting new shoes, usually when you get new dress shoes your feet hurt, and then a few days later you feel better.  Same with braces.  They will not hurt forever," says Bonney.