The final group of the top 36 compete for a spot in the top 12.  Here are your Idol Experts with their thoughts on the night!

Let's jump right in.  Von Smith is kicking things off first.  He sounded nervous...and it looked like he was shaking a bit at one point.  Not blown away.  He wasn't bad, but I wasn't really thrilled.  He sang it well, but I don't like his style.  As soon as Simon said "You remind me of Clay Aiken" I realized that is probably why I don't like him.  He is too much like Clay, and let's be honest, I was (and will forever be) on team Ruben.


His voice sounded different in the beginning, and not in a good way. When he sang the notes he sounded normal, but when he was just saying the words -I didn't like it. I think he was more theatrical than Adam, way to pull that face!

 P.S. I don't see the Clay thing.



Vonage. Two notes in, I knew this guy was doomed. Wait...what? Why did the judges love all over him? I am dumbfounded. No dice for this cat, yo.




Why the breathy undertone? Seemed like a complete misfire at the beginning. Parts sounded really clear, but a lot was bizarre. If Von could focus on the clear parts and not the oddball vocal stunts, he might come off a little better. Dancer X is not entirely with the judge-gushing on this one.


Taylor Vaifanua, I remember liking this girl from her auditions, she was the girl that reminded everyone of Jordin Sparks.  And how can you not love that?  Okay, aside from the signal glitch, I enjoyed her.  I knew when she said she was singing Alicia Keys she made a good song choice.  It was a little boring, but I think she has a great voice.  She may indeed be forgotten, because it was generic...but good generic.


She had a nice voice, but I don't remember her from auditions -so that automatically puts her at a disadvantage. She over sang a bit for the song, but I agree with Kara saying that we didn't get to know her in that performance though.