The first three of the top twelve have been chosen. Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver, and Danny Gokey were picked by America to compete for the 2009 title of American Idol. Here are the Idol experts with their opinions on the results.

I liked the song for the group number, but it was just way too many people singing, it was hard to hear any one person's voice -but that could have been fault on the audio engineer. Alexis Grace was caught off guard getting the first spot in the top 12. I really think she deserved it; she was by far the best girl last night. I never ever expected Michael to make it to the top 12 especially going up against Anoop!! I told you guys Michael was smart making that song choice, I really think it helped him out last night because he was being true to himself. Besides, don't underestimate the country/nice guy votes. I do hope Anoop comes back with the wild card vote. Michael Johns and Carly Simon had a nice little duet in the middle of the show -and then there was the final showdown. Putting Danny and Tatiana up together at the end was torturous. Danny looked so calm/cool/collected while Tatiana couldn't even speak she was so freaked out...then she had to hear the judges say Danny deserved it more wait a commercial break after waiting the whole show already...only to be cut. Wow, I never liked the girl, but that was kinda harsh.

So I told both Dancer X and Artie yesterday, if Anoop doesn't go through, it will be Sarver in his place. They told me I was crazy, and that would never happen. But it did, and really I am not thrilled about it. Not upset, but not happy either. I think all of us are guessing/hoping Anoop will be a wild card choice. He came pretty close to Sarver with votes, so he deserves to be there. As for Alexis, I am happy she's in it, and if Anoop doesn't get his wild card, I'll be routing for her probably. As for Gokey, when he sang Hero, it felt to me like there should have been fireworks going off, everyone should have been wearing tuxedos and gowns, and Paula should have been crying. It honestly felt like this was a preview for the finale. As for Tatiana, I was seriously waiting for her to go psycho, push Seacrest off the stage, and then attack Gokey for his "crown", all Miss America style. I was almost disappointed that she didn't. As I feared when I saw all but one of my favorites in this group of 12, next week's 12 doesn't really have someone I can really seriously support. I guess I'll be hoping for that crazy Nick Mitchell to make it through by some stroke of insane luck. Hey, he's got this far, why not be in the top 12?

Let's not even discuss Gokey, because everyone knew he was a shoe-in. Happily, he seems to be riding on talent, not his Story. Dancer X is happy to see Alexis rouse the vote. Her performance was lost in the overall drama of the show, but it seems it stood out to the voters. As Dancer X said, Dancer X would have put Alexis in the top three instead of Boskovich. Ann Marie fizzled, but Dancer X would have pushed her on through. Dancer X must admit that Ann Marie just did not bring it, and her post-performance chatter likely did her in. Dancer X still reads a country vibe from Michael Sarver, even though he did a song by Blink 182 or whatever.

It was a Gavin Degraw song.

Wasn't Gavin the ship's captain on The Love Boat? Dancer X is dating himself.