Eagles Quotes: Players Quotes from Eagles Press Conference on Playoffs
QB Michael Vick
On how exciting it is to make his first playoff start since 2004:

"It's exciting. Obviously, this is a very intense time, but this is what you play for. This is why you play so hard in the regular season and try to accumulate as many wins as you can, so you can play in the postseason."

On how he feels physically and how ready he'll be for Sunday's game:

"I think come Sunday I'll definitely be 100%, based on the way I feel now, and [I'm] just confident. I give a lot of credit to the trainers, in helping me get back to a position where I can go out and compete, and [I'm] just thankful."

On how much different he thinks the Packers defense will look than what he saw in Week 1:

"Based on what they've done, I think we may get some different looks. I think they've definitely gotten better as a defense. We'll really have to be conscious about what they're trying to do."

On whether he feels that losing to the Vikings and seeing the different looks teams will give him is a blessing:
"Well, I would hope so. I think everybody took a look at that film and really critiqued it and tried to figure out what could we do to get better. If we see the same things, and I'm almost 100% sure that we'll get the type of looks—they might not be the exact same—but in some way, shape or form, it'll be similar, so we just have to be ready for it and I think we've learned a lot from watching that film."

On how tough of a defense CB Charles Woodson and LB Clay Matthews make the Packers:

"Just a very dangerous group. Clay's playing some of the best football you'll ever see out of a NFL defensive player, and Charles—he's Charles Woodson. He's been making plays since the beginning of his career. So, it's great to compete against those guys, but sometimes it brings out the best in everybody."

On whether he likes going into a game knowing that the other team is going to come after him:

"Pretty much, that's what it's going to be. They're going to come after you, they're going to try to get you rattled, get you off your square, but that's football. You have to just be ready for it. Like I said, know exactly what you're seeing and play the game."

On whether he has seen more of an assortment of blitz packages over the past five or six weeks:

"Yeah, we've been seeing blitzes since my first game. My first game against Detroit, we were getting zero blitzed the entire game. So, the blitzing is just something that's been happening over the past couple of weeks. Defenses, they have coaches, too, professional coaches that do a great job of scheming. They've just been beating us a couple of times. We found a way to fix it and we're just moving on."

On what his emotions will be when he takes the field on Sunday:

"I'm going to be very calm, excited to be out there, but very calm at the same time. You can't get too high in this league, can't get too low. Got to stay even-keeled, and that's what I do."

On the importance of protecting the football and limiting turnovers:

"It's good not to [turn the ball over]. Protecting the football is very important in the playoffs. It's always evident. Numbers show that teams with the least amount of turnovers always have the best opportunity of winning the game."