Eagles Press Conference November 23, 2009
Injury Report:
"[WR] Kevin Curtis will be listed as out as will [RB] Brian Westbrook for this week. Kevin is making progress, getting closer here to being able to run. We'll just see how he does here this week. [S] Quintin Demps again has the ankle sprain; we'll just see how he does. [LB] Akeem [Jordan] with the hyper-extending knee is getting better. He's close here. He's been able to run in the pool and actually has done some stuff on the treadmill running. We'll just see how he does this next week. Really, everybody else is okay this morning. [CB] Asante [Samuel] came in. It's more of a neck strain than it is a stinger. He feels good; he really felt good after the game. Today he, likewise, felt good. Everybody else, if we had to practice today, would be okay to practice."

Opening Remarks:
"Any win that you can have in the National Football League is a good win. It's always tough to go on the road, in particular in Chicago, and win games. I mentioned last night after the game that I've played a lot of games in that stadium, had some good ones and had some not so good ones. It was good to come out with a win, tough, tough place to play. We had to overcome a few things with the turnovers and penalties and the fourth quarter deficit there. We were able to keep it all together as an offense, defense, and special teams and pull out a win. I thought that a couple of keys to it were [CB] Sheldon Brown and [T] Jason Peters and [FB] Leonard Weaver, just the effort that they gave playing through their injuries that they have that carried over with a little toughness on our team when it counted there; my hat's off to those three guys. I thought [QB] Donovan [McNabb] had a good game. He was over a 100 point quarterback rating and that's a tough accomplishment in this league, in particular against that defensive line. They have a heck of a defensive line there. He completed over 70% of his balls. [RB] LeSean McCoy and [WR] DeSean Jackson and [WR] Jason Avant I thought all were very productive. It was good to get LeSean going in the run game. I thought [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] did a great job of feeding LeSean after the fumble and showing confidence in him. And then, DeSean and Jason with their touchdowns were big. Jason's was a screen down in the red zone area there. He hit that thing. We always talk about getting vertical on those screens after you make the catch and he did that and pounded it in the endzone. DeSean, his touchdown, he split two-deep coverage and focused on the ball. That defender was right in the way of his vision and he was able to still focus on the ball to make the catch. I thought defensively [S] Sean Jones, again you talk about focusing on the football, had great concentration on that last interception there. [LB] Tracy White did a nice job of tipping and Sean making sure that he focused in and made the grab. I thought our defensive line played better than what we did the week before. I thought they really stepped up and did a nice job for the most part of controlling the line of scrimmage and in that type of game that's very important. Special teams, I thought all around, that's a tough group to defend with your special teams. They have two very explosive returners and we were able to cut the field in half and kind of pin them against the sideline there for the most part both on the kickoff team and the punt team. I thought the guys did a nice job of staying very disciplined with their lanes. I thought [special teams coordinator] Ted [Daisher] had a nice scheme for and then most importantly, the punter and the kicker did a nice job of placing the football where it needed to be placed. And then [DT] Antonio Dixon, I can't say enough about the guy. He came through bigger than big with the blocked field goal, such a powerful guy and a very likeable guy too. He's developed into one of our favorites here. He's a great kid and for him to come up big like that, that's a tribute to him."

On the new faces on defense and how they have been able to come together:
"It is different. There are a lot of new faces. For that group to gel takes a little time. The one thing [LB Jeremiah Trotter] has done being here, is he's gathered everybody up and taken them into the film room as players, without the coaches there. They sit in there and they watch tape and go over things. And then, [S] Quintin Mikell and that defensive line, some of those veteran players that have been here awhile, they've allowed that group to come in, [LB Will] Witherspoon and [CB] Dimitri [Patterson] and so on, the newer players to step in and given them that confidence to be part of the group. And then, [defensive coordinator] Sean [McDermott] I think has done a good job of putting guys in positions where they can utilize their talents and they're all different. You see some of these young guys like [LB Joe] Mays jump in there last night and made some big plays for us. Everybody has taken their little part and done some nice things with it. Can we get better? Absolutely we can get better, but there are a lot of new faces in there."

On whether it was defensive coordinator Sean McDermott's idea to switch people in and out more on defense:
"I don't think he was trying to put his stamp on it, but that was his idea. He was doing it to utilize everybody's abilities and keep people fresh. You saw as different guys were injured he came up with new schemes and personnel groupings to try to utilize everybody's strength. I think he's done a good job of that."

On the value of what Brown does for the team:

"Sheldon is a great leader. I mentioned this last night, I just think the tempo that he set during the week, that single mindedness ‘I am going to play and I am going to find a way to get out there and to do my job to the best of my ability.' I just think that that carried over throughout the rest of the team. That toughness, you need guys like that, that have that kind of toughness and determination. Especially from a veteran player, that carries over to the younger guys. Sheldon had some good teachers and he mentioned that I know yesterday to you guys. For him to get out and do what he did, I think that sent a message to our football team. I think it helped us in its own little way in the fourth quarter where nobody hung their head. Some guys were hurting, Weavers and Peters and Sheldon and so on, some guys that were hurting that pushed themselves through and did a nice job."

On whether they were dead set on playing Brown:

"I wasn't sure he was going to be able to play. He is very convincing, but I wanted to make sure that, first of all that we didn't hurt him any more than he was and that he could keep himself where he could function out there and not in a dangerous position where he can't move and get hurt. We took him out before the game and put him through a pretty extensive workout, [head trainer] Rick [Burkholder] and [general manager] Tom Heckert did and he looked good and felt good. We pulled him out there a little bit by design before the end of the first half and then if we needed to use him nickel we were going to do that, but the Asante situation, he had to sneak back in there and play some more."

On whether LB Jeremiah Trotter played more in the second half because Mays got caught out of position on a play:
"He got caught on one play, but that's not why. There was a pass there that he got caught on. The run was a culmination of guys, that wasn't just Joe, but there was a throw that he'd probably like to have back there. That's not why [he was taken out]. I wanted when it started getting down there and they were showing us a few different things and going hurry up, I wanted Trot in there from the experience standpoint."

On whether he is alright with playing Mays and Trotter if Jordan cannot play next week: