Busy first day as PA lawmakers return for fall session

Pennsylvania state lawmakers started the legislature's fall session Monday, after returning from summer recess.

House Republicans kicked off the first day back by unveiling a new jobs proposal, "Promoting Employment across Pennsylvania" or PEP, sponsored by Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, R-District 171.

"Pennsylvanians want new jobs, they want more jobs and they want better jobs," he said.

Meanwhile, Rep. Mike Sturla of Lancaster County, chair of the House Democratic Policy Committee, says Democratic leaders are focused on bills to improve special education and transportation funding reform.

"We should be working on transportation issues. We have a crumbling infrastructure here in the state of Pennsylvania," Sturla, D-District 96, said.

"We also think there are some education issues related to special education that need to be dealt with," he added.

Charter schools are also a hot topic at the Capitol. Republican leaders are looking to push a bill that would give the state more oversight over charter school and their funding.

Lawmakers have to act fast if they want to get anything done. There are just three weeks to this fall session, which ends on October 17.

"I think it's going to be very difficult, but I think that's why it's critical to keep pushing on these issues," Sturla said.