Businesses in York County See Increase in Profits Post-Sandy

As people across Central Pennsylvania braced for the worse of what Hurricane Sandy was predicted to bring, stores across the area placed massive orders and stocked shelves.  Wetzel's Market in Glen Rock, on Friday, ordered double of all its staple items including water, bread, and milk.  By Monday morning shelves were nearly empty.

"Bread shelves were pretty much bare," said Wetzel said.  "There were a few packs of rolls on the shelf."

Wetzel told FOX43 the influx in business came just in time.

"We're going into the busy time of year with the holidays and we need to have extra cash flow to be able to order in a bunch of the holiday items," said Wetzel.  "So, it definitely helps us out for that going forward.

On Wednesday some of the store shelves remained empty.  A shipment that was scheduled to arrive was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy.  Another shipment, which will allow Wetzel to fully stock store shelves, is expected Friday.