MANHATTAN, N.Y. ( WPIX) -- She has white hair, she gets a little chilly at times and she needs glasses for her cataracts. Not too unusual because she is 147 years old. In human years that is. Meet 21 year old Chanel, the oldest dog in the world.

The celebrity dachshund who hails from Port Jefferson Station on Long Island celebrated her birthday at the posh New York Dog Hotel & Spa complete with an oversized birthday cake and many of her closest canine friends.

Pet food company Dogswell threw the big barking bash complete with Chanel's favorite Happy Hips Lamb & Rice treats. Her owners Denice and Karl Shaughnessey attribute their doggie's long life and agile hips to the treat.

While Chanel would not say for sure, as she peered through her "doggles"(doggie sunglasses), she did sniff out a brief "woof" comment that left reporters searching for a translation.