A Freeport woman was charged with attempted murder after she stabbed her boyfriend in the neck with a broken beer glass at a Manhattan nightclub early Sunday morning, according to New York City police.

The boyfriend, 22, was admitted to Bellevue Hospital Center in critical condition. Police withheld his name.

At 1:07 a.m. Sunday, officers responded to a 911 report that a man had been stabbed at Sutra Lounge in the East Village on First Avenue at First Street. There they arrested Vivian E. Lee, 22, of Freeport.

She was held at the New York Police Department's Ninth Precinct station house in Manhattan, awaiting arraignment on a charge of attempted murder.

Police confirmed that Lee and the victim were dating. Her family in Freeport could not be reached for comment Sunday.

An owner of the nightclub, Ariel Palitz, said the couple were arguing near the coat-check area when the woman hit her boyfriend in the neck with a pint beer glass. It wasn't clear whether she broke the Stella Artois beer glass first, then slashed him, or whether the glass shattered from the force of hitting his neck, Palitz said.

Two security guards were nearby and one, who has emergency medical training, immediately applied pressure to the wound. Palitz said he then placed the victim on a chair outside on the sidewalk and continued to apply pressure to the injury until an ambulance arrived.

The other guard grabbed the woman and held her for the police.

Lee was "unusually calm" after her boyfriend was slashed, Palitz said.

A Sutra Lounge worker, Silvano Ramos, 23, said he saw the victim just after he was stabbed.

"I just heard the glass shatter and a girl screaming and people running for the exits," Ramos said.