Her leg was crushed in the earthquake but instead of settling for an amputation, a woman from Haiti did the unthinkable and made an amazing journey to Long Island.

When doctors see a break like this, they want to get the patient into the operating room within six hours, that is considered the magic time. It took this patient three weeks and nearly 1,500 miles of travel to get the critical help she needed.

"I'm really happy," Myrianne Pierre told PIX News. "I just need to walk again."

Both her tibia and fibula were snapped by debris from falling buildings, her bones literally protruding from her skin.

She traveled from one makeshift hospital to another in Haiti, only to wait days each time and to only to be turned away because other patients were in more dire need.

"I think it's amazing how she just survived and she's here," said her niece Sunja Joseph.

Pierre was finally able to get in touch with family in Ronkonoma

They helped arrange to get her on a military plane to Chicago and then a flight to New York.

On Februrary 3, nearly 3 weeks after the quake, she made it to Stony Brook University Medical Center.

"I was watching the news reports. I wanted to do something to help and it wound up she came here to our emergency room," said Dr.Nick Divari, who performed one of three surgeries.

He says it's not only amazing Pierre was able to battle through the pain to make it here, but after all that time her open wound never became infected.

"We've seen some amazing stories about survival in Haiti this is another one," said Divaris.

So grateful for her care, Pierre wants to take her doctors and nurses with her back to Haiti so they can help others.

It might not be that long before Pierre is able to go back to Haiti to help others. She is expected to take her first steps this weekend, and in 3 weeks go home to family in Ronkonkoma and should be able to go back to Haiti in a couple of months.