Jamie and Charles Czerniawski

Jamie and Charles Czerniawski (MYSPACE.COM)

A New Jersey mother who was featured on the ABC reality show "Wife Swap" is accused of stabbing her husband.

Jamie Czerniawski, who is free on $75,000 bail, was charged with aggravated assault after court papers say she slashed husband Charles with a kitchen knife in their Freehold home on Memorial Day. Charles, 34, reportedly suffered serious injuries to his right arm and spent two days in intensive care.

Czerniawski, 30, told the New York Post she acted out of self-defense, but her husband's lawyer is disputing that claim.

According to Czerniawski, who is a former Miss Teen New Jersey, her husband's jealous ways led to the stabbing. After receiving a phone call from a mutual male friend, Charles apparently became enraged with his wife and threatened her. Jamie believed she was in danger and was simply protecting herself, she told the newspaper.

The couple has reportedly filed dueling restraining orders.

It was back in 2006, during happier times, when the two appeared on "Wife Swap." Czerniaski swapped places with an Arizona mother who was employed as a tattooed freak show performer.