Robbery Victims Jump Out Window to Flee Suspects
Two residents jumped out of a second-story window from their Bronx apartment Friday morning, in a desperate attempt to escape an apparent push in robbery, police said.

The two men were found outside of a building located at 1050 Cauldwell Avenue in the Morrisania section around 7:30 a.m., police said. According to reports the victims were rushed to Bronx Lebanon Hospital and will likely survive the ordeal.

Officials said the men jumped out of their window in order to get away from three suspects - two men and one woman - who forced their way into the apartment.

One dog, who tried to escape through a window, was reportedly choked by its own leash. Another dog was found alive in the apartment.

Police said the building where the incident occurred has been plagued with crime. Investigators are trying to locate the three suspects - who were apparently armed with a gun.