Cops say they have caught the pint-sized man they believe is responsible for groping at least a dozen women over the past several months in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Jose Alfredo Perez Hernandez, 18, was taken into police custody Monday night from his Queens apartment after an Upper East Side building's superintendent recognized him, according to The New York Daily News.

The tipster apparently told his transit cop friend that he believed the serial groper was the same man who worked in his building's cafe.

Tonight PIX 11 News spoke with New York City Councilmember Jessica Lappin, her district includes the area targeted by the Upper East Side Groper for his attacks, she told PIX 11 News: "we're very grateful that the police seem to have nabbed the groper and we're glad that this 'pint-sized perv' is off the street."

On Monday, PIX11 was on the streets of the Upper East Side handing out flyers alerting residents of the predator who has been terrorizing their neighborhood since January.

While the most of the gropings happened in the Upper East Side, the latest incident happened Friday near W 66th Street, inside Central Park.

In all incidents, the suspect would approach his victim from behind and start a conversation. He would then follow his victim; attack her and grab their buttocks, chest or crotch; then flee the scene.

On July 24th, NYPD released video surveillance footage of the groper exiting a No. 6 subway turnstile from the 77th Street and Lexington Avenue train station.

Authorities are expected to contact the victims to conduct line-ups Tuesday.

Charges are pending against Hernandez.

Peter Thorne contributed to this report.