Meet The New Top Model Contestants!
These women are all in the running to be America's Next Top Model this fall:

Top Row: Left To Right

Ashley Age: 22 Hometown: Chicago, Illinois (currently Brooklyn, New York) Occupation: Artist Height: 5'6"

Bianca Age: 21 Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina (currently Washington, D.C.) Occupation: Student Height: 5'7"

Brittany Age: 21 Hometown: Livermore, California (currently Santa Clara, California) Occupation: Student

Courtney Age: 22 Hometown: Plantation, Florida (currently Fort Lauderdale, Florida) Occupation: Cheer Instructor Height: 5'4

Second Row: Left To Right

Erin Age: 18 Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin (currently Spring Grove, Illinois) Occupation: Student Height: 5'6"

Rae Age: 21 Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota Occupation: Homemaker/Mother Height: 5'6"

Kara Age: 19 Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana (currently Chicago, Illinois) Occupation: Student Height: 5'7"

Sundai Age: 18 Hometown: Bakersfield, California Occupation: Student Height: 5'3"

Third Row: Left To Right

Lisa Age: 19 Hometown: Queens, New York Occupation: Student Height: 5'5"

Jennifer Age: 23 Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (currently New York, New York) Occupation: Model Height: 5'5"

Nicole Age: 18 Hometown: Louisville, Colorado Occupation: Student Height: 5'7"

Rachel Age: 18 Hometown: Woodland, California Occupation: Customer Service Height: 5'5"

Last Row: Left To Right

Laura Age: 19 Hometown: Stanford, Kentucky Occupation: Waitress Height: 5'6"

Lulu Age: 19 Hometown: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Student Height: 5'7"

America's Next Top Model returns on September 9th with a 2-hour season premiere!