The City's Nastiest Subway Ride

We've been on the trail for weeks now hunting for the city's ugliest subway station. But peeled paint and leaky ceilings it just part of it. The other, nasty, smelly, stale issue is - TRASH.

Just ask MTA president., Tom Prendergast. 

There is 38 tons of junk that piles up each day in the city's subways station. Much of it isn't picked up.


"Our performance is such that we don't get all the pickups," said Tom Prendergast. 


Riders complain that trash is the worst along the G Line in Brooklyn.  PIX 11 rode the subway, the journey began at the Bedford and Nostrom Street station.


"I see garbage here all the time, where? Right there? Yeah," said one rider about the trash bags along the platform.

Rider Rene Dhaney sees trash so often - he was actually pleased to see only three bags laying around today.

"Sometimes you see rats flying out. You see rats right here? Yea."
  Isaah Ellis is sick of seeing trash pile up.

If they do their job right it could be cleaner.

While speaking to people on the G line, riders told us we had to hop off at Hoyt and Schemerhorn Streef station where trashing piles up on the train tracks.

"Are you sick of it? AM I??? I am scared of rats!"

Hippie Ortiz, another rider, says the junk brings unwelcomed rodents who ride the subway too.


"We even have rats that jump off the tracks and get on the train with us."
  Reports about trash problems caught MTA President Tom Prendergast's eye.

When we talked to him today, at a board meeting, he admitted the agency has been slacking on trash pickup across the city.


"We're having track outages and stations get cut out so they can't make stops at all stations," said Prendergast.

PIX 11 learened the MTA's eight trash hauling trains missed 962 scheduled trash picks in ONE WEEK.
And the nine garbage trucks that work on the street level --  missed 260 scheduled stops that same week. 
Which means trash just sits there for who knows how long.
"I think people in the train deserve for this to be clean, they shouldn't see flys like this."