RIVERHEAD, N.Y. (WPIX) -- Three of the seven Patchogue teens charged in the beating death of Marcelo Lucero that were out on bail, didn't walk out of court Wednesday, after being charged with additional hate crimes.

All of the teens now face more prison time if convicted on new charges, that they violently attacked eight other hispanic men dating back to December 2007.

"During each crime racial slurs were yelled," said Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota. "The defendants called their victims names such as beaners and wet backs."

Anthony Hartford seemed to hold back tears as handcuffs were slapped on his wrists and the prosecutor announced he faces an additional 22 years if convicted on the latest charges.

Jose Pacheco could face 55 more years, if found guilty of all charges, including a group beating that Spota said left one man for dead.

"He was punched in the face and stomped on until he blacked out and they left him unconscious in the street," said Spota.

Suffolk Police came under fire from immigrant rights advocates, blamed for not properly reporting hate crimes, even sparking a reported federal investigation. Latino Justice General Associate Council Jose Perez praised cops and the District Attorney's office Wednesday.

"They're restoring the Latino communities trust in government and law enforcement," Perez said.

But attorney Paul Gianelli who is defending Chris Overton calls the new charges trumped up.

"The DA here, I think is seeking to bring these indictments, so they can justify the federal government that their investigation is complete," Gianelli said.

No trial dates have been set. Both the police commissioner and the DA say their investigations are far from over.