After 11 weeks of extensive searching in Bloomington, Indiana, the parents of missing Indiana University junior Lauren Spierer have made the trip back to Scarsdale.

Robert and Charlene Spierer are in New York for a brief stint, spending time with their daughter Rebecca, who is celebrating her 25th birthday. The parents are set to be back in Bloomington this weekend to continue hunting for answers regarding the disappearance of their 20-year-old daughter, who was last seen on June 3rd.

The parents are are still actively seeking help from the community, hoping that with the new school year set to begin “more information about Lauren’s disappearance will be forthcoming,” as stated on the search’s website,    

Bloomington police and the FBI have recently turned their focus to landfills in neighboring Pimento, Indiana, rummaging for clues but coming up empty-handed so far.

The Spierers will be back in Bloomington on Sunday, hanging posters on the Indiana University campus and once again leading search parties, in hopes of bringing their missing daughter home.