If the charges are true against 8 American serviceman, then the story of Private Danny Chen is a real life version of the Tom Cruise classic "A Few Good Men."

According to the friends and family of Private Chen, within months of arriving in Afghanistan he was dragged out bed, he had rocks thrown at him, and he was verbally abused for his Chinese ancestry. An American soldier from Chinatown, allegedly bullied to death by those he had served with on the frontlines for only a few months.

"Danny Chen died after this mistreatment, and whether suicide or homicide, what they did caused his death," said Elizabeth OuAng, the head of the OCA chapter in New York.

Private Danny Chen's violent and sudden death of a gun shot wound on October 3rd in Afghanistan took center stage during a Wednesday morning news conference after the Army charged eight soldiers in connection with Chen's death. The Army labeled the death as "an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound" after he was found dead in a Guard Tower in Kandahar. However, the key question being asked by all, especially through a web video, What happened to Private Danny Chen?

During the packed news conference that was broadcast worldwide, Private Chen's mother, Su Zhen Chen, expressed comfort and relief to learn that the Army is taking her son's case seriously and feels that the truth regarding her son's death will come out.

The Chen family is set to meet again with Army officials on January 4th. In addition they are also working very closely with renowned forensic expert Dr. Henry Lee., as well as Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez.

Congresswoman Velazquez feels that the unfortunate death may serve as as a wake-up call for racial profiling within the armed forces... It will essentially allow them, "To reassess where they are in terms of cultural sensitivity and revamp and retool those trainings," said Velazquez, who added, "The armed forces are changing. Over half-a-million people are minorities."

Which begs the question once again, what happened to Private Danny Chen?