NEW YORK (PIX11) -- What's it like to sultry Russian spy Anna Chapman's best friend?  Russell Terlecki says he knows and is telling all. 

Several Facebook photos show Terlecki partying with the bombshell operative, and the New Yorker assures PIX11 they were good friends.

He told PIX11 she is a really down-to-earth girl and a savvy business woman.  "She didn't pose for Playboy because it was against her morals," said Terlecki, laughing a bit.

Chapman also posed for Maxim Magazine, last October, and was semi-nude holding a pistol.  Terlicki says the sky is the limit for this Russian spy hottie.  "I just emailed her yesterday.  I actually call her Anna Banana," he said smugly. 

Chapman has surpassed her five thousand friend limit on Facebook, but Terlicki made the cut, and gave PIX11 News an inside look at some of her recent party photos.  In several pictures she is wearing red -- Chapman’s favorite color Terlicki says.  Despite their closeness and party memories in Manhattan, he claims, "I still don't know if it’s all true, the spy stuff, but she’s doing damn good now." 

Chapman is currently in a Russian TV show, has an iPhone app, and has trademarked her name.  "She’s a real-life James Bond kinda girl.  A Russian Nikita." said Terlicki, before posting a message on her Facebook wall.  Terlicki added that he misses her -- just like so much of male America.