Security Boost For New Year's Eve Extravaganza

"Three. two, one, Happy New Year!," said Jeff Straus, co-organizer of the Times Square New Year'S Eve festivities.

Today was just the dress rehearsal, but with warmer than usual temperatures and megastars on board, New York City officials are bracing for more than one million revelers to watch the Waterford Crystal New years eve ball descend in the crossroads of the world.

And with the expected record crowds, come serious concerns about security.

"Several thousand cops will be involved at New Year's Eve happenings," police commissioner Ray Kelly said. "We've put in what we call our counterterrorism overlay... We'll use dogs both in our subways and where people congregate."

Today's test run went smoothly as the spectacular ball, iIlluminated by 32-thousand light-emitting diodes descended 77 feet in the required one minute.

"It's all about love, joy, peace. The ball encapsulates all that," Straus said.

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber may be two of the draws, but for many planning to be in Times Square tomorrow night... New York City is the big attraction.

"This is the big apple. This is where I want to be on New Year's Eve, "Kamili Leath of Moorestown, New Jersey daid.

"It's going to be crowded and crazy," Julia Abbondanza of Glen Cove said.