Emergency crews were at the scene of a bizarre incident that unfolded Wednesday morning at a Queens parking garage where a Department of Sanitation salt truck dangled from a two-story parking garage.

According to officials, the incident unraveled at approximately 9:28 a.m. at the Department of Sanitation's massive Central Repair Facility in the Maspeth section. It's believed the driver lost control of the truck and drove it through the building.

AIR 11 was over the scene the 15-ton salt truck clung at a 45-degree angle, with its rear wheels just inside the building. It appeared the rear of the truck got caught on top of the window frames.

The driver of the salt truck was rescued from the hanging truck shortly after the accident and is in good condition, officials said.

"You only see this in the movies," food truck owner John Satar told PIX 11 News, as he described the accident which unfolded after he and other workers in the area heard a sudden "boom."

"I looked up and I saw the salt truck hanging three-quarters of the way out of the building's second floor," Frank Almona, a local maintenance shop worker said. "The driver was hanging onto the steering wheel for dear life. The windshield was blown out. He was screaming 'Help me'" Almona recalled.

"Ladder 163 from the FDNY went up with a bucket and took him down. And then he fainted," Almona told PIX 11.

The truck remained dangling as of noon Wednesday as crews FDNY and NYPD emergency crews were still on the scene.

Debris from falling bricks, windows and air conditioning units smashed several parked cars along 52nd Road. No injuries were reported.

The circumstances of the accident weren't immediately clear. The 50-year-old structure is said to be unstable.

Sources tell PIX 11, the driver is a 10-year veteran with the Department of Sanitation.