It may have been this video, of a truck becoming airborne after hitting a dip in the road at commonwealth boulevard and 88th road in Bellerose Queens that we showed on the PIX News at Ten Tuesday night.

It could have this accident two weeks ago where a pick up truck took out 7 parked cars after passing over the dip.

Or it could have been that the Department of Transportation just finally got around to fixing the uneven road surface here.

Whatever the case DOT crews were out on Commonwealth boulevard first thing this morning fixing the problem.

"I was shocked" said Angela Augugliaro "I heard this noise and I looked out and I saw all there equipment her and I said and first thing I did was say thank you channel 11 it took us 3 years it took you one day."

A steam roller, a few DOPT crews, some asphalt and some sealer and just a couple of hours the problem that has been plaguing this neighborhood for years has been fixed.

"I'm thrilled, I'm really thrilled so like I said thank you." said Augugliaro "It's a shame they did it in two hours and it took three years to get done and a major accident."