Authorities have confirmed the remains found last week to be those of missing prostitute Shannan Gilbert.

The remains where discovered Tuesday at about 9:15 a.m. on stretch of land on Oak Beach in Suffolk County. Just a week ago, investigators discovered Gilbert's clothing, cellphone and identification about a mile from the location.

"We went in with the idea we were going in one last time to see if we could find anything and we did," Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer told reporters at a press conference shortly after the discovery of Gilbert's remains.

The 24-year old Gilbert was last seen alive in May 2010, screaming for help in the gated community known as the Oak Beach Association.

Ironically, a search for the Jersey City woman began exactly a year ago to the day her remains were found. When detectives began to search near the Ocean Parkway in December 2010, police started finding the remains of murder victims: 8 women, 1 man, and a female toddler -- all thought now to be the work of one, serial killer. The man was dressed in women's clothing and five of the victims were identified as prostitutes.

According to investigators, Gilbert's death may be the result of an accidental drowning and not tied to the serial killer.