History Teacher Arrested After Having Nearly 2-Year Long Relationship With 8th Grader



5:54 PM EST, December 15, 2011



A history teacher received a lesson in criminal justice Thursday after being arrested for having a year and a half long sexual relationship with one of his own 8th grade students.

And it was his wife who dropped the dime on him.

Sex Ed was on the curriculum at the Susan B. Anthony school in Queens, except it was private lessons between a 13-year-old girl and her 44-year-old history teacher Charles Oross, officials said. Oross, a married father of 2 from East Islip, Long Island was charged with statutory rape Thursday morning of his 8th grade student.

The Special Commissioner of Schools started an investigation after an anonymous caller to the Crimestoppers hotline made the allegations and used the student's first name.

Commissioner Richard Condon elaborated, "They both had access to the school, and would find an unoccupied classroom at 6 in the morning. In early 2009, they started engaging in sexual touching and oral sex. Within a few months it progressed to intercourse."

The year and a half long relationship was on again and off again as the student said she "broke up" with her teacher saying she wanted to "hang out" with students her own age.

The morning encounters happened in the school and in the teacher's car, according to interviews with the female student, who is now a 16-year-old high school student. The report stated Oross told her he had a vasectomy and did not use a condom.

Commissioner Condon elaborated, "The tipster told us he heard it from Wendy Oross, the teacher's wife."

Interviews uncovered the wife suspected Oross' infidelity, and posed as him on Facebook to talk to the student. The girl confirmed she and Oross were lovers. The report on the statutory rape also revealed inappropriate Facebook and email messages from Oross to the girl.

Parents at the school were horrified by the charges.

Michael Batts, who was picking up his niece as he usually does at IS 238 said directly, "That is so disgusting. You expect your children to get an education. That is abuse!"

Oross taught for 8 years for city schools making $64,000. He was arraigned Thursday, and was taken out of the classroom a month ago. The Dept of Ed has begun proceedings to fire him.