Plea Deal On Table In Leiby Kletzky Murder Case
The parents of murdered 8-year-old, Leiby Kletzky, are ready to accept a plea deal that would send their son's accused killer to prison for 40 years.

State Assemblyman, Dov Hikind - a family advisor - confirmed to PIX 11 Wednesday that "a deal is on the table."

Levi Aron, who has tried to plead insanity, is expected in court next week.

"They would prefer not going to trial and reliving the horror of those three days," Hikind said, speaking for the Kletzky family.

In July 2011, 8-year-old Leiby left day camp in Borough Park and was supposed to meet his mother at a specific spot. He missed a turn and eventually bumped in to a local clerk from a hardware supply company, Levi Aron.

Aron took the boy to his attic apartment on a Monday night, went to work on Tuesday, and told police he later panicked, when he saw the huge search going on for the child.

He suffocated the child and dismembered the boy, putting parts of the body in his freezer and other parts in a dumpster.