Republican Dan Halloran is not just the newly-elected Bayside, Queens City Councilman, he is also the king of New Normandy, a heathen tribe that practices Theodism, a religion based on ancient Celtic and Germanic traditions that include animal blood sacrifice.

After capturing the seat last Tuesday Halloran is trying to steer the media buzz toward his political goals and away from his religion.

Halloran, a former Catholic, has been a Theodist for the past twenty years and his tribe, New Normandy, reportedly has 120 members.

The New Normandy website describes the religion as "attempting to revive the ancestral faith of the Germanic people known to history as the "Normans"," a combination of Scandinavian warriors and pagan Vikings who believed in multiple gods.

Halloran's religion has also caused feelings of uneasiness in the Jewish community, which the City Councilman is attempting to combat with a mailer detailing his efforts to gain reparations for a man named Glenn Berwin. Berwin's family members were killed and tortured in Nazi concentration camps after the bloody "Kristallnacht," or the Night of Broken Glass.

Although Halloran recognizes that his beliefs are outside of the mainstream, he insists that his religion shouldn't matter and that people should judge him on his job serving the conservative 19th district in Queens.

Halloran is a native New Yorker whose family has been here for five generations.