Occupy Wall Street 'May Day' Protests Sprout Up Across NYC, Globe
Occupy Wall Street protesters took to the streets Tuesday as several groups set up shop outside city banks and other businesses to mark International Workers Day, or better known as "May Day."

Among the locations demonstrators targeted were the headquarters of Chase, Citibank and Bank of America. One group picketed outside New York University to protest the university's expansion plans in Greenwich Village.

The protests - or as Occupy organizers called it, "creative disruptions" - were held in cities across the globe. It wasn't immediately clear how many arrests were made as of Tuesday afternoon.

Initially, protesters aimed to shut down traffic on the city's bridges and tunnels Tuesday but that plan never materialized. Police reported that roughly 30 protesters were arrested as rowdy pockets were broken up along the Williamsburg Bridge and at Union Square.

Participants were being urged to block traffic at the already-congested ports to slow commuters from going to work. OWS organizers reportedly spread the word of their 'May Day' demonstration on social networking sites, blogs and pamphlets.

City officials say they are prepared for the demonstrations, saying they will not tolerate any disruptions.

"People have a right to protest. We will protect that right. They don't have the right to disrupt other people," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday. He did not immediately reveal any specific details regarding the city's response plan.

While the NYPD has laid out a plan of action, the Occupy protesters are already predicting spontaneous demonstrations, along with illegal 'Pop-up' occupations -- along with a long list of planned ones. On the website, organizers have posted the following schedule for May Day: