Maggot-Covered Obese Man Rescued, Stuck In Chair For 2 Years

Ohio home where obese man was rescued by police. (WTRF-TV screen grab)

A morbidly obese Ohio man was rescued by police this week after having been confined to a living room chair for over two years.

According to Bellaire authorities, officers responded to the horrifying scene and discovered the 43-year-old man unconscious in a living room chair.

After several attempts to remove him, officers soon realized his skin had fused to the fabric of the chair, a result of apparently sitting in the recliner for months.

The man, who was not identified, sat in his own waste and was covered in maggots, WTRF-TV reported.

Officers were forced to cut the man out of the chair to remove him. A hole was also cut in the wall of the man's home in order to transport him to a nearby hospital.

Shockingly enough, the man reportedly had two roommates: a woman said to be his girlfriend and a man who had lived in a separate room. According to WTRF-TV, the woman would regularly serve food to the man as he could not move.

One of the responding officers described the scene as one of the worst he's ever responded to.

The 43-year-old man's condition was not immediately known.