NYPD Targeting Facebook Gangsters

There’s an old saying – sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. That’s exactly what the police are doing in East New York, Brooklyn – where social media is redefining the rules of engagement.

There’s a battle brewing in Brooklyn between two street gangs – The Rockstarz and VCG, which stands for the Very Crispy Gangsters.

Brooklyn D.A. Charles Haynes told reporters, “Both gangs used Facebook – and you’ll see examples of that – to taunt each other. The Rockstarz posted quote, “the Rockstarz are up three-zero.”

The Brooklyn D.A.’s office announced several indictments Wednesday against a total of 49 defendants from *both* gangs.

Investigators say while they were not exchanging Facebook friend requests, and liking each other’s status updates to taunt and threaten each other, the you.g men exchanged bullets on the streets to control their own vast territories.

“For the last three years the Rockstarz and VCG feud terrorized parts of the east new york community as they recklessly shot at each other at crowded parks and on busy
streets with no regard for innocent bystanders,” Hynes said.

“A ten-year-old boy was shot by a stray round as he watched cartoons inside his apartment. A 28-yr old man was shot stepping off a bus on his way home from work. And an off duty police officer stopping at a mcdonalds was shot in the crossfire between the Rockstarz and VCG,” said police commissioner Ray Kelly.

If you can believe it, investigators also say the tech savvy junior gangsters – almost half of the 49 defendants are under the age of 18 - would occasionally work together to silence informants.

But ultimately, Hynes says their willingness to brag - online about their criminal exploits made them that much easier to take down.

“The last time the commissioner and i had one of these announcements, he went through details on how social media was used. I guess these people don’t’ watch TV – or they
don’t read. And they keep on doing it. So they keep on doing it – his cops will keep on taking them down,” said Hynes.

The 49 defendants in custody face conspiracy and other charges.  If convicted, they face anywhere from 8 to 25 years in prison.  It should be added, this investigation is not over.
Eight suspected gang members are still on the loose, and if their past habits are any indication – detectives are likely beginning their search for them -- on Facebook.