NYC Schools Lose $60M In Federal Funding Over Missed Deadline
Millions in federal grant money targeted for struggling schools in districts throughout New York State is being yanked, because of a failure to meet a deadline to come up with new evaluations for teachers and principals.

In New York City, the teachers union and the New York City school district had until the end of the year to meet the deadline, and they missed it.

In all, it affects 33 schools and will curb $60 million -- money that would have been used in school improvement grants to buy books, educational tools and fund after-school programs.

In New York City, school officials and the United Federation of Teachers came to an impasse over developing a new set of guidelines for teacher and principal evaluations, two days before the end of 2011. They had promised to come up with those evaluations by year's end, last July.

New York City is one of the 10 districts statewide that had been receiving that federal grant money. School Chancellor Dennis Walcott said last week that the two sides - the United Federation of Teachers and the New York City School District - couldn't agree on what should be included in the teacher and principal evaluations.

The money is part of the federal "Race to the Top" program, which doled out $700 million in aid to districts in need.

Buffalo, Yonkers and Albany are also among the affected school districts losing those federal dollars.