After Hurricane Sandy: Running For A Cause
Through the rubble in Oakwood, Staten Island, Sunday, one could hear and witness scenes of humanity.

Volunteers from across the region packed the streets in every neighborhood on the island that needed aide. In fact, there really wasn't a block that you could walk down that you didn't see someone who needed help.

Dumpsters loaded up with debris from people's homes, memories carted away.

Then, at around 10 o'clock in the morning, you could see lines of marathoners who spent Sunday jogging through parts of the island to lend a hand where needed. "We were supposed to run 26.2 miles today, so we should play part and help out the borough," said one runner.

PIX11 followed the American Cancer Society's Team DetermiNation as they made their way by ferry and bus onto Staten Island and fanned across the area with supplies in hand.

"No one is complaining, everyone is asking what can I do? Not one person is complaining, " said Kerry Prenderville.

" Even though we couldn't run the marathon, it's pretty special we could all come together," said Ed.

While many people ran in Manhattan Sunday in their own marathon, PIX11's focus is on those who made a difference today for people like Phyllis and John Brennan, who have an 80-year family history in Oakwaood that is now wiped away.

"The water came feet in the house, everything is wiped out," said John Brennan.

For Phyllis it's a complete loss: "I was raised in the house. I lived here all my life," she recalls. "It just breaks your hear when you lose everything."

The Brennan's home was loaded with volunteers helping to clean up the waterlogged home.

"They are wonderful, they are the best people in the world," John said.

PIX11's Dan Mannarino was supposed to run the marathon. In fact, he trained for months with the American Cancer Society's team. "I couldn't be prouder of their decision to come out to the island, lend a hand, and not waste the day."

Edited By Michelle Robinson