NYC Cop Indicted in Fatal DWI
An NYPD officer has been indicted on charges including second-degree vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding.

The indictment charges that Andrew Kelly, 30, caused an automobile accident on Sept. 27 while he was off duty and driving in a Jeep with three of his friends in Brooklyn. He reportedly struck and killed 33-year-old Vionique Valnord in the middle of Avenue N in Flatlands, Brooklyn.

According to prosecutors, Kelly smelled of liquor at the scene and had slurred speech and glassy eyes. He told authorities he had drank several beers that night.

An officer on the scene is accused of supplying Kelly with a stick of gum and water just moments after he mowed down Valnord in order to cover up the crime.

In addition, a female sergeant is under fire for waiting several hours in getting Kelly to the hospital in order to check his blood-alcohol levels. Nearly 7 hours elapsed before Kelly was taken to the hospital and by the time he was tested no alcohol was found in his system, prosecutor's said.

If convicted, Kelly faces up to a seven-year prison term.