Nude Photos In Art Gallery Window Shock Local Parents
There is an art exhibit that is certainly turning some heads on the Lower East Side.

It's not the Dino Eli Art Gallery that is the problem, but what is proudly displayed in the front windows to draw people inside.

Last week, folks passing by noticed a slew of half-naked women -- breasts and all.

That freedom of expression wouldn't be a problem, some local residents say, but it's the fact it is displayed directly across the street from an elementary school that has parents fuming.

"That's ridiculous," described Shanea Brooks, who then hastily pulled her daughter away from the building.

PIX11 caught up with the owner, Dino Eli, who wants parents to calm down, saying it's 'not that bad.'

"This is not offensive. This is just naked women which we see in art all the time," said Eli.

He also says this is a perfect opportunity for parents to teach their kids about these kind of images to help them learn about the body.

But, parents say distorted naked women, lying in bathtubs or holding an American flag isn't the kind of picture they want to show their son or daughter to teach them anything.

"I would never want my child to see this. Imagine my daughter coming by and trying to figure this picture out. She'd be like, 'Mommy why is that lady's chest hanging out?', " said Brooks.

This isn't the first time that the gallery has gotten into some hot water -- just last year, Eli had the same kind of problem after putting up pictures of pornography in the window to garner attention.

He says this isn't the kind of publicity he wanted.

Eli also says that he puts the front gate down to hide the images in the afternoon when the school dismisses the children and then pulls it back up when they all go home.