Breezy Point Residents Begin Clean Up Following Surprise Tornado
     From the same fierce storm, there were actually two tornadoes: one in Breezy Point, Queens, the  second one touched down in Canarsie Brooklyn.

      As the tornado was barreling towards Canarsie, residents grabbed their cellphones and took these dramatic, incredible pictures of the funnel cloud, heading straight to Brooklyn and the Rockaways.

     "When I saw those pictures, I can't believe it didn't flatten houses," Patti Crowley, a Breezy Point resident said.

         Amateur photographers immediately posted the pictures on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

       "I am now more sympathetic to what people go through in the Midwest," Bob Crowley, a Breezy Point resident added.

     Tonight Brooklyn and Queens residents are cleaning up.

      "Nobody got hurt. That's the important thing," Bob Crowley said. "Everything else can be replaced."

      And fisherman John Perrino had a day he'll remember forever. The Staten Island resident was both struck by lightening and caught in a tornado in Breezy Point and lived to tell the tale.

      "I watched the funnel of the tornado for about an hour," Perrino said. "Then all of a sudden, I feel a jolt go in my left arm and go back out my right. I am still feeling it now, but I am okay."

      So after two tornadoes and being struck by lightening, this is a day Queens and Brooklyn residents and one fisherman won't soon forget.