Upper East Side Crane Collapse Anniversary
Sunday marked the two-year anniversary of a deadly crane collapse that killed two construction workers on the Upper East Side.

Ramadan Kurtaj, 27, and Donald Leo, 30, died when the top part of a 200-foot crane came crashing down at 91st Street and First Avenue.

Kurtaj and Leo, who was the crane's operator, were killed when the massive crane smashed into an Upper East Side apartment building.

On the day of the accident, emergency crews pulled Kurtaj from the rubble and rushed to him to the hospital where he later died of cardiac arrest.

Lawyers representing the victims' families went to court months later fighting to make public, what they say the crane company insists on keeping confidential: its maintenance and repair history. The families are suing the city, the Department of Buildings, and several construction companies for wrongful death. They are seeking 100 million dollars in the lawsuit filed against 31 different entities in all.

Family members blame the city for allowing the owners of the crane to put up what they consider a defective piece of equipment and they hope a civil lawsuit will help them get some answers on the record about the circumstances of Ramadan Kurtaj's death.

Meanwhile, the Kurtaj family returned to the site of the accident Sunday to remember their loved one.

Ramadan Kurtaj lived in the Pelham Parkway section of the Bronx. He moved to the United States from Kosovo in hopes of living the American dream. Relatives say a cousin brought Kurtaj here so he could search for better opportunities. His uncle said he was a loving person who sent a good portion of his pay check back home to his parents and siblings.