ROOSEVELT, LONG ISLAND (WPIX) -- A New York City police officer is among four Hispanic men under arrest for beating a black man as they yelled racial slurs and wielded baseball bats in front of a Roosevelt deli on Sunday.

Nassau County police say the NYPD officer, 32-year-old Juan Nunez of Freeport, along with three others attacked the 52-year-old victim who had been leaning against a payphone.

Recovering at Nassau University Medical Center, Daryl Jackson of Roosevelt reportedly said he was not bothering anyone when the men told him to move and one used a racial epithet toward him. After Jackson responded that he does not like to be called names, another man said, "Go back to Africa."

Jackson spoke from his hospital bed with his neck in a brace and forced to use a straw to drink his medicine for the pain.

While Nassau Executive Thomas Suozzi said this is a violent crime with no question of racial epithets used in the attack, Nassau Police will continue to investigate before they label it a hate crime.

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