INWOOD, N.Y. (WPIX) -- It's the sound that has become almost synonymous with the start of spring and it's music to every child's ears, but people in one Queens neighborhood say it's flat out infuriating.

Inwood residents say they are steaming mad over constantly hearing the Mister Softee jingle play several times a week outside their homes.

They claim the ice-cream truck loiters near their residences, blasting the catchy tune for hours on end both day and night.

Last Sunday, residents said the vehicle was parked outside the Inwood Hill Park playing the repetitive song for nearly three hours.  People also reportedly claim to have heard it playing one weeknight as late as 10 p.m. and for another three hours on a recent Thursday afternoon.

"I have never experienced anything like it," one resident told the NY Daily News.  "It reverberates into the building and sounds like someone is in your apartment with their car stereo blasting."

A New York City noise code, put into effect last June, bans the playing of jingles while a vending vehicle is stationary but many residents in the area say the ice cream seller doesn't seem to care.

"He will say he's going to turn if off and when you walk away, five or 10 minutes later, it's back on," a resident said.

So far, city officials said they have received over 200 complaints on the matter.  Meanwhile, New York City police told a community meeting this week they are looking into the problem.

A Department of Environment Protection spokeswoman reportedly said inspectors have visited the area multiple times and are keeping a close eye on the situation.