Mother's Frantic Search For Missing Occupy Protester Continues

A Yonkers mother is desperate to find her daughter.

"After the 3rd day, I really got worried and I started calling around, well where is she?" Vivian Bates told host Ricki Lake.

Police say, the last time anyone saw her daughter alive was April 27th.  Stevie's case has been an active investigation ever since. 

We caught up with the lead cop on the case, Yonkers Police Officer Gary Wisker to find out the latest.

Police say the bus stopped in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, that is when she contacted her mother to let her know she would arriving at Port Authority Bus Terminal the following morning.

Police believe surveillance video, shown in the attached video, recorded the following morning, April 28th, inside the Port Authority, proves Stevie made it back to New York.

Officer Wisker said, "Once she walked out of the bus terminal, we haven't seen or heard from her since... it's basically like Stevie Bates has fallen off the face of the earth."

Stevie Bates was already a bit of a wanderer.  At one point, her mother says, Stevie joined the Occupy Wall Street movement and lived in Zuccoti Park for awhile.  Police say those folks have not been particularly helpful.

"Sometimes it is tough getting information out of them but we do the best that we can," said Wisker.  Officer Wisker says he's been following all social media platforms for clues. 

"I'm constantly looking at different news organizations to see if we can possibly spot her in a crowd if she's still involved with movement," said Wisker.

When asked if foul play is involved, Officer Wisker said, "That's possible."

That is her mother's worst fear but the officers working the case say they're hopeful of finding Stevie alive and well.

"Every day we try to do something, make phone calls, look at pictures, check websites, every day," said Wisker.

Police say they really need is a good lead, so if you have seen this girl at all over past five months, let police know.