Police may have finally located the body of missing woman Winsome Angela Perez -- right in the very place they had repeatedly searched for her 10 months ago.

Tuesday afternoon, workers at Express Steel Supply Corp in New Cassel discovered a bag containing a woman's badly decomposed body, wedged between a chain-link fence and 40-foot metal storage container.

"We haven't been able to say that the person that was missing and the person that was found in the bag is one in the same at this time," said Nassau County Police Detective Lieutenant Kevin Smith.

Perez, 45, lived in Hicksville and was last seen alive on July 28, 2009. She did not have any family on Long Island, and it was her co-workers at Wantagh Chase who reported her missing.

Police wanted to question Perez's husband, who worked as a welder for Express Steel, but they never had an opportunity to speak to him because he, too, just seemed to vanish without a trace.

"In attempts to contact her husband, we went to that location looking for him and there was no sign of him at that location, and we went back to that location various times and with the consent of the owner looked on that property for any signs of him or her and found nothing," said Smith.

Autopsy results will confirm whether the decomposed body that was found here is in fact the body of Winsome Perez, and just how she was murdered.

Police have not released the name of Perez's husband. They are still searching for and want to speak to him.