A missing 13-year-old boy with Asperger's syndrome spent 11 days in the subway system before being found.

Police found Francisco Hernandez Jr. in a Coney Island station on October 26 after the boy survived for almost two weeks on a diet consisting of news stand candy and snacks.

Francisco's mother, Marisela Garcia, said police were hesitant to make the case a priority since she is a Mexican immigrant. However, New York City police are refuting those claims, saying they contacted the school immediately and launched a massive search for the boy upon learning of his sudden disappearance

Francisco vanished from school on October 15 after he failed to complete a homework assignment and was reportedly yelled at for not concentrating in class. According to reports, the boy said he walked eight blocks to the Bay Parkway station and boarded a train because it seemed like the best place to hide.

Authorities said they interviewed teachers, classmates and distributed leaflets around the city with a photo of the missing boys' photo.

Francisco was ultimately found on Oct. 26 after a transit officer recognized the boy. He reported no serious medical problems - besides leg cramps and is now back at school.