It is a tribute from a Florida family to a Brooklyn boy who was killed just days before his 9th birthday.

The parents of a newborn in Miami named their infant 'Leiby' -- in memory of the 8-year-old boy from Borough Park who was snatched from a Brooklyn street on July 11th and drugged, smothered, and then dismembered, in the attic apartment of suspected killer Levi Aron.

PIX 11 News got a brief glimpse of Aron's backyard on East 2nd Street in Kensington, where crime scene detectives have been digging, off and on, since some of the boy's remains were discovered in a freezer on July 13th, in Aron's attic apartment.

On Day Ten of the crime scene investigation, some cops were stripped down to their white undershirts, in the 100-plus degree heat.

PIX 11 noticed a roll of wall insulation on the ground in the cluttered backyard. Just yesterday, detectives reportedly brought out evidence bags filled with children's clothing and articles that did not belong to the victim, Leiby Kletzky. It has led some clinical psychologists to speculate Aron had involvement with children before, in some way. "I think in the past he may have behaved inappropriately with children, but he doesn't seem to be a pedophile," said Dr. Patrick Suraci. "He may have been so infantile himself that he may have identified more with a child."

Levi Aron is 35 years old and told defense lawyers he "hears voices". He is now undergoing psychiatric evaluation to determine his mental competency. He was indicted this week for first-degree murder in Leiby Kletzky's death. Aron told police last week that he killed young Kletzky, because he panicked after seeing the massive, community search for the child, who was missing for a day and a half before police confronted Aron in his apartment. Surveillance video that showed the boy following Levi Aron to his gold Honda on 18th Avenue and 44th Street played a crucial role in cracking the case. Just yesterday, one of Aron's defense lawyers--Gerard Marrone, a father of three, young sons, quit the case--because of "the horrific way this child was killed."

PIX 11 News learned Friday that more than $100,000 has been raised, in just two days, for a memorial fund established in Leiby Kletzky's name. The family said the money would help perform acts of kindness for people in need. Leiby's heartbroken parents issued a statement, after the official mourning period for their only son ended. "We thank G-d for the nearly nine beautiful years that he entrusted us with Leiby's pure soul," the statement read. It concluded, "If any tragedy is ever to befall any of you, G-d forbid, you should be blessed with a community and public as supportive as ours. We feel that through Leiby, we've become family with you all."

The Kensington/Borough Park community will hold a candlelight vigil Sunday night at 8:30pm, not far from where 8 year old Leiby Kletzky's remains were found in a freezer July 13th.

The vigil will take place at the Abermarle Playground, which is behind Public School 230, on McDonald Avenue at Abermarle.