Racist graffiti, some targeting President-elect Barack Obama" id="PEPLT007408">Barack Obama, was scrawled on more than a dozen cars in a normally quiet Mastic neighborhood on Wednesday morning, police and residents said.

A Suffolk County police spokesman said "multiple vehicles" were damaged in the incident, which happened overnight on Gores Drive. Residents said as many as 40 vehicles were tagged.

The graffiti included racial slurs, as well as sexually graphic references.

The incident was first reported at about 5 a.m., police said, on a street and in a neighborhood residents called harmonious and diverse.

"It's not a good thing that happened," resident Frank Olmeda said. "Everyone gets along on this block."

Olmeda said both of his cars were parked in his driveway overnight -- and at least one of them was defaced.

Another resident, a woman who would only identify herself as Maria, said a message threatening to kill President-elect Obama was scrawled on her son's black Honda sedan.

Jay Chen said the graffiti on his black Honda Accord was written with some kind of paint marker.

"It was a hassle, but at least it was easy to wash off," Chen said in Chinese.

Another resident, Patricia Curry, said she came out of her house Wednesday to find a neighbor's station wagon covered with the graffiti.

"Oh, my God," Curry said, covering her mouth. "I'm really surprised. This is like the United Nations here."

Police did not say whether the Bias Crime Unit has been called in to investigate the graffiti -- or whether federal investigators have been contacted since the slurs were aimed at the president-elect.

The incident follows on the heels of what police have called a racially motivated attack last weekend that left an Ecuadorian immigrant stabbed to death in Patchogue.

That incident has sparked national outrage and has immigrant groups calling for justice for the victim, Marcello Lucero" id="PECLB004384">Marcello Lucero, 37, who police said was targeted because he's Hispanic.