For the first time republican challenger Ed Mangano took the lead over Tom Suozzi in the race for Nassau County Executive.

Mangano is now up by a handful of votes as every vote is being meticulously counted. They're being double checked and triple checked with a democrat and republican representative confirming the accuracy.

"This is a very, very, close race," Peter Bee, an attorney for the Republicans, told PIX News.

Unlike in Florida in 2000 where dangling chads were an in issue in the presidential race between Gore and Bush, the odometer counters here are not being called into question. The number of votes cast for each candidate can easily be added up and checked against the total number of votes on each machine.

The big problem are mistakes that occurred after the polls closed and votes were tallied. Simple human errors like writing down a one instead of an seven. Something that PIX News is told occurred in 10 percent of machines checked so far. One blunder cost Suozzi 60 votes.

Once this is all ironed out, there are thousands of absentee and other paper ballots to be counted.

When asked if there would be a winner by January, Steven Schlesingertold PIX News, "It's 50/50."

So in that case you may be asking who would run the county? Normally is would be the presiding officer of the legislature, but guess what? we don't know who that is because there are 2 legislative seats also too close to call that are also a part of this recount.

So don't ever let anyone tell you your vote does not count.