Suspect In Fatal Stabbing Of Staten Island Groom-To-Be Caught In Illinois
Police arrested the man accused in the brutal stabbing of a groom-to-be at a Staten Island restaurant.

According to authorities, Redinel Dervishaj, 35, was captured in Palo Hills, Illinois. by the NYPD and local authorities. Dervishai reportedly had family in the area.

Police say Dervishaj stabbed Antonio Lacertosa to death during an early morning brawl Saturday.

Lacertosa, 27, and his fiance Bridgette Schneider were celebrating their engagement early Saturday morning when trouble broke out and Lacertosa apparently went outside to check it out.

John Perotta heard the commotion. "I was probably there two minutes. Then I heard a girl saying Anthony, your brother is having a fight outside."

There are reports one of Lacertosa's friends urinated outside the restaurant angering workers, and that a man who may be an employee ran inside grabbed a butcher knife and used it to stab the masonry foreman to death.

"Three minutes later the girls came running in screaming he's been stabbed. And that was it. He was laying in the driveway. And he actually died from his wound there. He was bleeding very bad." said witness John Perotta.

Sources say there is surveillance tape of the fight but is not clear if it shows the actual stabbing. Authorities later identified the killer as Dervishaj who is described as an Albanian gangster who has a criminal record.

Meanwhile, Anthony Lacertosa's brother Joesph says family is left to mourn and remember a family member they considered the glue that kept them all together.

"Vibrant. Enthusiastic, enthusiastic would be the word. He was enthusiastic about every single thing that he did. He put his heart and soul into every little task in life that he did."