They may never have closure, but Leah Walsh's family got their day in court as her killer husband was sentenced to 18 years to life in prison.

Leah's father Howard Hirschel described William Walsh as a monster.

"His whole purpose was to save his own skin," said Hirschel, reading an impact statement in court. "Every word and action between the murder and the confession some of three and half days were so vile and despicable that it should offend the moral sins of any member of the human race and render him unfit to walk freely in a civilized society."

William Walsh strangled his wife Leah in a fit of rage when she found out he was cheating on her.

Instead of calling 911 he left her body in their Bethpage apartment and went out spending the day building an alibi.

That night William Walsh mutilated his wife's body, dumped her remains in the woods off the Long Island Expressway and parked her car on the Seaford Oysterbay Expressway to make it look like she was abducted.

He then went to the Hirschel's home and played the part of a distraught husband and even cried out to the media for help finding his wife.

"Every step of the way he's managed to sink to new lows," said Leah's brother Josh Hirschel. " I can honestly can say that there's no fate that can befall him that would elicit the slightest amount of sympathy from me."

The family was hopeful that Walsh will spend his entire life behind bars.

Even the judge unleashed on Walsh, saying he hopes every parole board sees through his performances.

"It is my belief and my sincere hope that you never breathe a free breath again," said Judge David Ayers.