DA: Largest Seizure of Uncut Heroin on Long Island
Authorities on Long Island seized more than 17 pounds of uncut heroin during a drug bust in Melville - making it the largest seizure of the powerful drug in Suffolk County's history, officials said.

Two New Jersey men were arrested outside a Melville hotel on July 25, according to District Attorney Thomas Spota. The pair apparently stashed the heroin into small blocks inside the insoles of sneakers.

According to police, the heroin was packaged in 12 black plastic insoles. Spota reportedly said each insole contained, "a thin, flat block of compressed, powered heroin."

A lab analysis found the heroin was 85 to 90 percent pure. Authorities estimate the 17 pounds could have been divided into up to a half-million dosages.

There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of heroin used among teenager in recent years on Long Island.