With big cuts on the way for the Long Island Railroad, the United Transportation Union is fighting back, with help from some heavy hitters.

Come September, service will be cut on the Port Washington line. Instead of running trains every half hour, "off peak" trains line will run hourly.

In West Hempstead, weekend service all together will come to a grinding halt.

The Greenport line will become a thing of the past come September, as no more service will be available east of Ronkonkoma.

Railroad workers rallied at union headquarters to try and stop the cuts and save their jobs and they got some pretty good company from Albany and Washington.

"Our message is simple to the MTA. We gave you the money spend it on jobs, jobs, jobs!" shouted Congressman Steve Israel.

Israel received cheers as he demanded the MTA use stimulus dollars to save jobs and stave off service cuts.

New York State Sen, Chuck Fuschillo is calling on the LIRR and the MTA to get rid of redundant administrative jobs and keep rank and file members working the ones that focus on customer safety by maintaining tracks and trains.

"it's all about doing the right thing and message is simple cut the fat," Fuschillo told PIX News.

The MTA says 93% of personal is devoted to operating and maintaining service.

As for using stimulus dollars, they say the bulk of it by law has to be used for capital improvement projects. $80 million can be used to save jobs and reduce cuts but they say it's not enough to save what is in store.

It's uncertain how many LIRR jobs will cut, the MTA is looking at trimming around 700 subway and bus positions in the City. The agency says it's facing a 800 million dollar deficit.